Best Alternatives for the Apple Air power Mat in 2019

Earlier this yer the tech giant apple gave setback to all the gadgets lover when they rolled back its high ambitious product known as Air power ,which was a wireless charging mat that was able to charge iPhone, Apple watch and Air pods all together at once.

Now obviously ,the people who had been waiting for Apple’s wireless charging pad were disappointed but the good news is that there are other wireless chargers out that can almost do as much as Air Power promised.

Below are the list of few of those alternatives.

1.Morphie wireless charging base


Worry-free Wireless Charging While You Work Get worry-free wireless charging with the sturdy, reliable charge stream desk stand. It delivers up to 10W of power while holding your Qi-enabled smartphone at a convenient angle for viewing and continued use.

for detailed info about Morphie wireless charging base read this article

2. Slice Charge 2 Wireless Charging Mat by Hard Cider Labs $60

This 30-watt wireless charging mat can simultaneously charge two smartphones and an Apple Watch. It’s available in all white (like the AirPower) or blue.

3. Base Station by Nomad $100

The leather charging pad can wirelessly charge two devices. It also has USB-A and one USB-C PD ports, so it can charge a total of four devices.

4. Boost Up Charging Dock by Belkin $160

This charging mat has dedicated spots for your Smartphone and Apple Watch, plus a 5-watt USB-A port to charge something else

5. Base Station Apple Watch Edition by Nomad $120.

It’s rare to find a wireless charging pad that can also charge your Apple Watch. This does just that.

6. Source by Spansive $189

This vertical charger is really designed for families, as it can charge up to 6 smartphones at a time (two wired, four wirelessly). It’s also able to charge smartphones with rugged cases or PopSockets.

7. Eurpmask dual charger

Although big enough to fit your iPhone and Apple Watch, this charging pad is compact and easy to carry with you wherever you go, meaning you don’t have to travel with multiple cords ever again! Plus, with 7.5W output for your iPhone and a 2W output for your Apple Watch, your batteries will be filled up in no time! One important thing to know though is that it’s only compatible with the Apple Watch Series 2 and later. $26 at Amazon

8. Alebr all in one wireless charging station

While this isn’t a wireless charging pad, I would be remiss if I didn’t at least mention one way you could charge your iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods at the same time. OLEBR’s All-in-One Charging Station features an iPhone dock, an Apple Watch dock, and a dock to hold your AirPods and AirPods case. Note that no Lightning cables are included with this one and this dock is made of polished aluminum and comes in black, rose gold, space gray, and silver $36 at Amazon

9. Airunleashed

Air Unleashed looks like a copy of Air Power in appearance ; however, it does functions slightly differently. Rather than being one seamless surface that can charge anything regardless of where you place the device, its a simple three coil system that is meant to charge your iPhone, Apple Watch, and Air Pods. It works well enough, although it does require you to bring your own Quick Charge 3.0 charging brick.

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