word press health check

Do you know this new cool feature of wordpress?

WordPress has always been a best content management system and blogging platform since its launch.With every update ,its getting stronger and more secure .

The new word press is not unlike either.It has been released with improvement .These things we will discuss in a fresh another article.But here ,we will discuss about one important feature that has been introduced by word press with this update .

The feature is Site health

With security and site speed in mind,this release has introduced WordPress first site health features.As per this feature,word press will start showing notices to administrator of sites that long run long outdated version of word press,that is the programming language that powers word press.

When installing new plugins,WordPress site health feature will tell whether a plugins require a version of php compatible or incompatible with your site .if incompatible , word press will prevent you from installing the plugins.

Isn’t this a cool feature ?

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