Although Apple has not confirmed it yet apple is ready to give two new features to its flagship product MacBook

According to the latest concept renders published by Chance Miller at 9to5Mac. Two features stand out.

The first is of course the 16-inch display. Given the proliferation of edge-to-edge laptop screens from other manufacturers , it shouldn’t come as a surprise to the wider laptop world that Apple is going down this route.

And with an expectation that the 15-inch MacBook Pro model is going to be discontinued, this 16-inch version will be a direct replacement but with a larger screen as one of the key selling points.

Second is the inclusion of six USB-C ports. This is up from 4 ports on the current 15-inch model. Although one of these will be taken up by the A/C charger, the extra potential power offered by two more ports cannot be overlooked.

These concept renders are based on the talk and chat around the new MacBook Pro machines, so should be seen as an amalgamation of all the leaks with a bit of editorial input. Apple is still expected to hold a public launch event this month, with this MacBook Pro a potential product, alongside an updated iPad Pro, the reveal of Apple Tags, and the retail launch of the Mac Pro.

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