How to Do a Digital Detox ?

Have You constantly plugged into technology? It may be time for you to undergo a digital detox.

Digital world had really taken over people engagement with family ,friends . Now a days people don’t have time for their family even after they are back from offices/colleges/schools.

Its not people fault rather its because of digital age we are living in.
Here we will be talking about how to Do a Digital Detox with Your Family.

If i ask ,Do you ever heard what a Digital Detox is all about ,many of you will probably say know .

So Lets analyse what is Digital Detox ?

Digital detox meant for completely or somehow isolating yourself from digital world ie no mobile no computer.

Now lets analyse why you may want to consider doing this A.S.A.P!!!!

1.It will relieve you from anxiety.
2.your family will love ,if you can give enough time for them after work.
3.It will relax your eyes ,brain.

So, why not digitally detox yourself smartly by implementing these methods.

1.Have a Plan

Choose a day and length of time that’s suits you,and think about how you want to spend that time. This is a great opportunity to plan a fun outing with your family when there will be no distractions. Or even just a family movie day in! Regardless of what you choose, have a game plan in place so you won’t be tempted to grab your phone to look for ideas.

2.Expect Some Anxiety

Remember, you are likely checking your phone an average of 35-50 times per day, so you’re going to have some phantom pains when you don’t have it with you. Expect to experience at least some separation anxiety, at least the first few hours.

3.Alert Your Inner Circle

15 years ago, people didn’t have the expectation of getting ahold of you at all times. If you were out of the house, you were unreachable. That’s just the way it was. Those days are long gone, though, so make sure to alert friends and family if you’re going to be offline for a few hours or even a day.

4.Don’t Go complete digitally isolated at once

Don’t feel like you have to cut technology out for an entire weekend in the beginning. Instead, let yourself ease into unplugging. Start with a one or two hour digital detox in the evenings while you focus on family and work up to an entire day on the weekends. If you’re unplugging while on vacation, give yourself permission to check messages once or twice a day. Your extended family will appreciate that you’re still somewhat reachable and periodic check-ins will cut back on any anxiety you’re feeling.

5.Ease Back in Slowly

If you’re taking an entire day (or longer) off technology, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by just the THOUGHT of emails that are accumulating in your absence.

However, remind yourself that messages don’t have to be answered right away. Prioritize what’s important and get to the rest as you can.

6.The last thing about Digitally detox

The average person now spends about five hours a day on their phone. Not only is this bad for your posture, but having your phone next to you is taking attention away from your family – whether you’re looking at it or not. Even just a short tech timeout for an hour or two every night can help you to give your family your full attention. And who knows, after a few days you may start to enjoy the break!

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