Who would have ever thought that people will prefer Smart TVs for things they have been doing on their tiny screen of mobile phone. With the immense change in the technology of Smart TVs, now TVs are much more than just changing channels by remote. 

Now you can do almost everything on a Smart LED TV that a few years back was done on your mobile device. You can video call your friends, watch movies, pictures, YouTube, Netflix, surf the internet, etc. These are the names of few things but TVs are much more than these as well. 

To do all these things you need to have a Smart LED TV in your home. If you are confused about making a decision on which Smart TV should I buy, of which company and what things should I take into consideration before buying you can check the Best Smart LED TV.

Without wasting any time let’s look at how Smart TVs may affect mobile usage.

Easy for Gamers-

How Smart TV can decrease Mobile Watch Time: TVs are not behind smartphones, TVs are run on an operating system(android), serve the Internet, they got excellent viewing angles with great designs.

With the connection of Smart LED TV on your mobile phone. Now you can play your mobile games on the big screen of your Smart LED TV. No connection must be set up with wires, you can connect and play easily wirelessly.

Users who love to play games on their mobile devices, now they can play the same game on the big screen how amazing is that. This makes multiplayer gaming so much easy, enhanced and advanced. 

You do not have to worry about your eyes, as you can make a long distance from the screen and your precious eyes. Parents are also on relief with this feature as they are less worried about their children’s eyes.

Social Media on TV

Yes! this is true, your social media life can also be taken to your Smart TV. You can check feeds, likes, recent activities of your friends and family from all social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, even WhatsApp can be used on smart TV. 

With this, you can see everything on a big screen and that makes this more appealing. It is very easy to use all these on TV with its home screen features. Smart TVs are all about convenience, simplicity and making things easier to use. 

Watching Content-

The TV is all about content, if you are changing channels with remote, you are soaking the content of channels. With the immense change in technology, the means of content is also changing at a very fast pace. 

You can watch all the content which was only available at your mobile device, like Netflix, YouTube, Hotstar, Online series, etc. All these can also be watched on Smart TV. 

The biggest advantage is your family can watch these together, It brings them closer. The real fun of watching videos, movies or web series is with great video and audio quality. 

Smart TVs have an amazing video quality of 4K full HD with Dolby Atmos sound. You can bring popcorn and turn the lights off of the room and get the feeling of a theater at home. 

Video Calls and Pictures-

Rather than seeing someone on the tiny screen of your mobile, how it will feel if you watch your loved ones during a video call on your TV Screen?

Yes, it is true! the video call experience is also easier now with Smart TVs. Earlier you have to take your mobile phone to each member of the family to get into the tiny screen of the mobile. 

Now your whole family can come into a big-screen while doing a video call. Sharing pictures is also very easy, earlier you have to give your mobile into the hands of everyone whom you want to show your pictures in the family right. Unless you are sending them.

Now you can connect your mobile with TV and show all the pictures on Smart TV, and all the family members can easily watch the photos at the same time. It’s just like watching a movie of your pictures.

Connectivity and Offline-

You can connect your TV with Bluetooth, memory card and USB as well. The interconnection with every device becomes easier with this. 

You can watch the offline stuff that you have stored in your mobile device, USB or memory card, etc. Smart TV is not only about the online stuff, but they are also very good with offline stuff and connectivity with other devices as well. 

Connectivity with wi-fi allows you to surf the internet on your TV, you can google anything and everything that you want to know. With voice-based remotes, you can even use your Smart TV with your voice. Even controls your smart Home with TV. 

There are so many other features and functions of Smart TV like showing a presentation on TVs big screen watching live matches, etc. 

Is purchasing a new TV is the only option to enjoy all these features? what if you just purchased an led tv and you want to convert it into a smart TV. 

Yes! it is also possible to convert a normal TV into a smart TV. You have to spend some money, but the fortune to purchase a new TV.

You can purchase some devices like google chrome cast, apple tv, or box type media players according to your budget and connects them with your LED TV and that’s it. You have a smart LED TV.

The only issue with all this is TVs are not handy you cannot just take it with you everywhere you go. This is the only thing that gives mobile phones a + point. They are lightweight handy and easy to carry. Other than this, Smart TVs are a better option to choose and use to watch movies, play games, use social media, surfing the internet, etc. 

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