If you are thinking to start a blog ,then choosing a right and popular niche is important

What is niche ?

Now you will ask “what is niche “?.

Actually niche is the specific and well defined segment of the any particular category / topic.

Example of  niche 

Love and relationship




Movie and entertainment 

Selection of the perfect niche for your website generally  depend on following these factors.

1.If you are creating the blog for your writing passion then you should  choose your niche as per your choice means You have to choose such niche for your website in which you can write with your heart.

2.  But If you choose to write for the sake of generation of income only                then you have to choose your niche smartly from the list of Highly                   popular and profitable niche .

   Some of micro  /profitable niche website are 
   Health, Tech and  Insurance More you can find in list of micro                     /profitable niche websites . 

3. If you are lucky enough then your choice of niche and popular high paying niche may come in same category.

Example Suppose you are passionate about technology and willing to start a blog on technology then its a win -win scenario for you because blog based on technology is profitable for monetization.

Conclusion:From above article ,we came to conclusion that For a blog to blog make popular and also profitable ,you have to choose a perfect niche for your blog/website.

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