Blogging can be started by single person but its not always a one person work.Sometimes you need to build your team if,

  • You start a complex blog with many categories
  • If you start blog yourself but its popularity propel you to make a team to manage its different section .

Then You definitely had to add the administrator to run the blog smoothly.

Here are the steps to create an user and give them an admin access .

Log in to the wordpress account

Go to the dashboard

In the left side bar menu, Hover on users 

Click on add user

Fill up the form with username ,password ,email etc.

Check the box “Send this password to the new user by email” 

At the end of the form ,Select the role you want to give to the user
using the dropdown.

Once you filled the form correctly and selected the the user role .Click on the Add user button on the down .

That’s it , User created successfully

How to create new users in your wordpress blog

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