YouTube has been a very successful video postal across the world.Now with the internet  or mobile data cost became very much affordable ,The traffic of the YouTube excelled in last few years.Everyone now gives more times on this video platform than ever .

Many Guys  who just got introduced to YouTube  still think that uploading a video after creating own channel on you tube is a lengthy process.But believe me its the easiest process all together.

In this article,We will points out the step to have your own you Tube account on board along with a YouTube channel.

Lets move ahead,

Sign in to you tube by using your gmail account.

Sign up /Create an acoount ,  if u dont have a gmail account.

After signing up click on coninue to youtube.

Go to your profile icon on the upper right corner of the panel  and hover  on them.

Click on YouTube studio.

Now you are inside a panel where you can see caption with link “create a channel .

Click on the link

Decide whether, you wanna use the channel as a business or an individual.

if you wanna use your channel or create it for individual by your name (the one  u used while signing in the gmail account)  just  proceed because google has just auto filled your user name in the field .

Else ,

If you want to use a business account select the options from the bottom by clicking on “choose a business name or other name “

Name the channel,choose the category and agree to the pages term and policy by checking the box

Now check ” is every thing you selected is good to go or not”  ,if yes

Then click on done button

Here you go, your new channel is ready to use as you automatically get yourself in in to the you tube upload dashboard 

Now you can upload the videos after customizing your your tube account 

Read  our next article to learn How to customize the you tube channel after it is created.

Tubne buddy
manage your YouTube video with this panel 

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