What if someone told you that your home appliances will themselves guide you about its problem well before the problem arises ,your reaction will be like “are you screwed ,how it can happen ?
But i must tell you that this has been made possible by LG,world’s one of the best home appliances manufacturer.

Actually LG‘s latest press conference did, give details about appliance with Thin Q Artificial intelligence . Though the press conference was about all about TVs. Big TVs. High res TVs. Rolling TVs but it also give details about its AI enabled new age appliances.

The company’s definition and use of artificial intelligence seems unclear from the outside. But LG, like many others, is convinced that the future of hardware is largely software based.

In its conference LG, claims that the technology is capable of detecting problems with home appliances before they happen — and alerting customers accordingly.

Sounds like a handy feature if it works as advertised. Lets see how this feature works in practical ,when these appliances are out in market.

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