This week is really harsh for the people who love to play PubG .Actully Government of India has banned as many as 115 mobiles app in India and PubG was one of them to suffer .

But do you know ,You can still play PubG while staying in India and believe me it’s fully legal .

Actually you would be thinking ,I am bluffing .but it’s fact .Now let me clearify on this .

Actually Indian government has banned Pub G due to security related issue .Since India and China relationship is going through a Very tough phase .Indian intelligence agency has reported data related issue with the apps which are controlled by Chinese companies .Though PubG game is not a Chinese game .But it’s app version is controlled by a company named “Tencent “ which is a Chinese company .So citing security issue ,Indian government have banned this PubG app along with other apps .

Now It would be still confusing for you that if it’s banned now ,how can you play .Let me tell you now that In India only the app version of PubG has been banned not the desktop version .You can still play on desktop or a console without the need of a VPN or any tinkering with the settings of the game or the PC.

Actually the desktop version of PubG is not associated with China .Its is controlled from South Korea So you can still download and play on your desktop .The game was developed and published by a South Korean company PUBG corporation which is a subsidiary of Bluehole, a South Korean game development studio.

There are some reports, Tencent still holds a 10% stake in Bluehole, so we could yet have a scenario where the PC version also joins the banned list. But as of now ,You can play .

Since both PC and Mobile games are different, you may find it tough to familiarise with some of its features. In fact, the PC version is supposed to be more advanced and has better graphics. It is available to play on Xbox, PC, PS4, and Google’s Stadia cloud gaming service

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