PubG has been very successful games in recent times .Its app version has created a tremendous success as millions of users have joined this mission oriented game saga in no time .

In this article ,We will discuss about the evolution ,development and growth of PubG as a people’s favourite game in recent times .

Concept (2016-2017)

Pub G was conceptualized by a Canadian, Brendan Greene. The game was developed and published by a South Korean company PUBG corporation which is a subsidiary of Bluehole, a South Korean game development studio.

Launched -PC only version (2017)

When the game was first launched in December 2017, it was made for PCs only. 

App development (2018)

When the company got associated with the Chinese giant Tencent Holdings  then idea of app development was arrived which published the mobile-only version PUBG Mobile in March 2018. 

Lite version

Since the game was graphics-heavy and required powerful hardware to run it smoothly, Tencent published another version of the game along with PUBG corporation – PUBG Mobile Lite in August 2019.

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