Evolution of World Wide Web and search engine

Tech story :Evolution of World Wide Web and search engine

The article which you are reading right now coudnt be possible ,If a 33 years old Sir Tim Berners -Lee’s little effort couldn’t have invented a interconnected system “world wide web” WWW popularly known a internet..

Lets know the timeline journey of world wide web from yesterdays internet system to modern day internet system.

Lets first know how this idea came in Sir TB lee minds..

Actually , sir Berners lee want to share information among multiple computers to help his colleagues to speed up the world.He envisioned a hypertext database with typed links named mesh…


On 12 march,1989 33 years old, Sir Tim Berners -Lee working at Europe’s CERN lab has submitted a information management proposal to his boss ….That proposal was so arranged that gave birth of today’s world wide web.

Do you know what his boss responded to the proposal “Vague but exciting”.Upon thi his bossgranted him time to devlop the flowchart into a working model .He just wrote html language codes for the http application , world wide web.app -the first web browser and page editor


..It took about 2 years to write such complex codes but by 1991,the external web servers were up and running.


: The web was brought in public domain in 1993.The first web browser that can accept pictures mosaic that was launched in november revolutionized the web ,making it more user friendly


:1994 saw the emergence of netscape navigator web browser


:This year microsoft launched its web browsr and named internet explorer which derailed netscape and became number 1 web browser having 90% of usage share till 2003….


This year mozilla ,launched its browser which challenged the monopoly of internet explorer in search engine arena.
since this mini brower was fast in terms of permormance than microsoft IE ..It attracted the users in large numbers .


:It is said that nothing remains permanent ,if you work very hard ..Same happened with Mozilla firefox. Actually,In 2008,Google launched its much appreciated browser of all time with amazing fast processing speed and features .It boomed with bang and was too popular in internet world that in short span of time ,it surpassed Mozilla user base in numbers.
The best feature of this browser was its search engine addition to any browser powered by google itslelf. Now user can search directly through their web address bar without opening any saerch engien website


:This is 2019 ,and sir Berners lee ‘s great vision led to communications throghtout world get easy.

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