From 5g technology to 8K TVs, the technology you need to know about in 2019.

If you’re planning to upgrade any of your kit in 2019, you’re going to want to keep a look out for these big advances in consumer gadgets. Here is our guide to the five biggest trends for the coming year.

Foldable displays

Companies like Samsung and Huawei are working on this advanced feature since at least 2013. Now, finally, this year we’re going to get our hands on them: Both the comanies have said they are going to launch one in 2019.

A flexible phone can be folded in half so you can keep in your shortest pocket, but when needed it can also open full size so you can read, browse and watch video .

While Huawei’s phone will be 8 inches (20 centimeters)long when unfolded on the other hand Samsung’s version will be able to run three apps at once on its unfolded 7.3-inch screen.

5G phones

Photo of motorola phone

you must be thinking that 5 g phones have already been launched then what is the need for that .

Yes, in some sense you must be right as some parts of the world already have wireless networks that are being marketed as fifth-generation, or 5G, connectivity. But those early 5G connections work with wireless routers only .You cant use your sim card to get the 5 g data .

The first smartphones compatible with 5G will be launched in 2019. In the US, Verizon will support Motorola phones (the Moto Z3 series) so probably the first 5 g phone will be from the house of Motorola,followed by Samsung phone with built-in 5G to be launched in the second half of the year.

China’s Huawei, OnePlus, and Xiaomi also plan to introduce 5G phones in 2019, and Sony is believed to be readying one.

Wireless charging of laptops and headphones

Photo of witricity charging pad

Charging your phone wirelessly is already being used by many smartphones but what about your laptop and your earphones?

I mean to say This year will bring wireless charging facility many more gadgets .

Dell tested the idea in 2017 with a $1,750 laptop that incorporated technology from the startup WiTricity. In 2019 it will be easier and cheaper to adopt the technology thanks to startups like Energy square, which developed a universal wireless charger that can power a variety of laptops using conductive charging.

As for earphones, Apple has announced that it will sell a wireless charging case for the next version of its AirPods in 2019.

Smart headphones

Amazon Alexa (or Google Assistant) inside … pretty much everything was a big trend in 2018. In 2019 those smart assistants will infiltrate your headphones, too. Qualcomm created a development kit that makes it easy for companies to test and then bake Alexa voice recognition into headphones used with Android smartphones.

Apple may also incorporate its “Hey, Siri” commands to its
AirPods 2. Though Apple hasn’t confirmed it will probably do this in 2019,

8K TVs

Photo of Samsung 8K television

You’ve probably heard of 4K TVs, so called because they display content at approximately 4,000 pixels wide, four times the figure for a traditional high-definition (1080p) TV. In 2019, companies will go big with 8K TVs, which have four times as many pixels as 4K and therefore can display images in far more detail. Samsung already sells an 8K TV—but at a monstrous $15,000 which is unaffordable by many. This year with LG and Sony getiing in the competition with samsung can propel the latter’s to cut down the prices .

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