With technology taking over mindset of people ,Innovations has greatly excelled all over the world.

Below are the list of top ten innovative countries in the world.

1.South Korea : This is the most innovative country in the world.South Korea’s high productivity gives it the number one spot.

2.Sweden : Most swedes have the university level education.

3.Singapore: Singapore excellent education system propelled it into third place.

4.Germany : Germany has recently enjoyed a boom in high tech startups.

5.Switzerland: Switzerland has world class research institutes

6.Japan :Mid sized companies are driving large scale innovation.

7.Finland : In Finland ,knowledge is one of the government ‘s strategic priorities.

8.Denmark : Denmark has the most developed Renewable energy technology in the world apart from many more other technology.

9.France: France has created a 13 bn $ investment fund for disruptive technology innovation.

10. Israel : This small country makes the biggest investment in research and development.

NOTE: For the first time US is not in the list of top ten list of innovative countries in the world because of a slump in educational performance.

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