Apple usually announces  its lines of iPhones in September event. But not this year.This year September event will be different 

Instead, rumors, as well as hints from the event’s typically cryptic invitation, suggest the company will reveal updates to the Apple Watch and iPad in the event this time .

Same as Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference and most other tech events since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, this event will also  be entirely virtual. It will stream on Apple’s website starting at 1pm ET. 

Here’s what to expect from the Apple event according to the latest reports suggests 

A new Apple Watch?

If you have seen the Apple event Invitations for Tuesday’s event ,it mentioned”Time Flies,” hinting at updates to the Apple Watch.

Though the line will most likely be led by a 6th-generation Apple Watch, According to Bloomberg the new “low-end” models may be in the offering  as well.

Other rumors suggest a new watch could add features such as blood oxygen monitoring and longer battery life.

Since people usually buy Apple Watch due to its health related features ,this blood oxygen monitoring features could be another added advantage for the people who buy it .Health updates have become a key selling point for the watch, which has grown into a blockbuster product since it was first released in 2015. Last year, Apple sold 31 million watches, according to Strategy Analytics — more than the entire Swiss watch industry in 2019.

Probably Another new iPad?

Rumblings suggest that Apple may announce a new iPad or iPad Air on today .

Bloomberg reported that Apple is readying a refreshed iPad Air with an edge-to-edge display. Meanwhile, various rumours  indicate that announcements will include a new relatively cheaper iPad model.

It would be Apple’s second iPad launch this year — as the company unveiled an update to its iPad Pro line in March.IPad had been a top selling tablet of all tablets .Even Apple said at the time that it had sold 500 million iPads to date, and the product has remained the top selling tablet for 10 years.

A new iPad would also have competition from one of Apple’s biggest rivals: Samsung released two new tablets last month, the Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+, which it claims are the “first tablets that support 5G available in the United States.”
It’s interesting to what Apple have is it’s basket today .

Iphone 12

Invitations for Tuesday’s event  also ignited rumors that it could announce the iPhone 12, too. However, Bloomberg reported that new iPhones won’t launch until October, and Apple previously said new iPhones would ship slightly later than usual this year.
Let’s wait for the moment Apple event start .

5G connectivity for IPhone

Since Many mobile companies that runs on Android already launched their 5g enabled phone ,Apple is too keen to serve this high quality feature in its next segments of iPhone .If Company launches a iPhone 12 in this event there are likely that we can see 5G compatible iPhones which would be the first iPhone to connect to the new, ultra-fast wireless networks being rolled out by carriers.

So guys ,Just wait for the event to start at 1pm GMT .and find what’s in the bag of Apple this time .

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