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How to use chest harness for gopro action camera


  1. Put on the chest harness: First, place the chest harness on your chest, with the GoPro mount facing forward. Adjust the straps so that the harness fits comfortably and securely.
  2. Attach the GoPro: Once the chest harness is securely in place, attach your GoPro camera to the mount on the front of the harness. Make sure the camera is firmly attached and facing the direction you want it to face.
  3. Adjust the angle: You can adjust the angle of the camera by loosening the screw on the mount and tilting the camera up or down. Tighten the screw once you have the camera at the desired angle.
  4. Start recording: Once the camera is securely attached and angled correctly, you can start recording. Press the record button on your GoPro to start recording video or taking photos.
  5. Review and edit: After recording, review your footage and edit it as desired using your GoPro or editing software.

Remember to always follow best practices when using your GoPro, such as keeping it in a waterproof housing if you’re using it in wet conditions, and using a leash or tether to prevent it from getting lost if it falls off the mount.

Use of chest harness for Gopro

A chest harness for GoPro can be a useful accessory for a variety of activities and situations, such as:

  1. Action sports: If you’re skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, or participating in other high-action sports, a chest harness can give you a unique perspective that captures your movements and the terrain around you.
  2. Travel and sightseeing: A chest harness can be a great way to capture your experiences while you’re traveling or sightseeing. You can use it to film your adventures as you explore new places, go on hikes, or visit popular tourist destinations.
  3. Vlogging: A chest harness can be a useful tool for vlogging or recording video blogs. It allows you to keep your hands free while you talk to the camera, and gives your viewers a more immersive perspective.
  4. Filmmaking and videography: A chest harness can be a useful tool for filmmakers and videographers, as it allows you to capture unique shots and perspectives that can add interest and variety to your work.

Overall, a chest harness for GoPro can be a versatile and valuable accessory for anyone who wants to capture unique and immersive video footage.

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