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5 Apple products that failed miserably


While Apple is known for its innovative and successful products, not every venture has been a triumph.

Let’s take a look at five Apple products that missed the mark.

1. The Apple Newton:
Introduced in 1993, the Newton was an early attempt at a personal digital assistant (PDA). Despite its innovative features, including handwriting recognition, it failed to gain widespread popularity due to its high price and limited functionality.

2. Apple Pippin:
Released in 1996, the Pippin was a multimedia gaming console designed by Apple. However, its high price and lack of compelling games led to its demise, with only around 42,000 units sold worldwide.

3. Round Mouse:
The Round Mouse, introduced in 1998, featured a unique spherical design that was meant to be ergonomic. However, many users found it uncomfortable to use, and it was quickly discontinued.

4. The Apple Macintosh Portable:
Launched in 1989, the Macintosh Portable was Apple’s first attempt at a portable computer. Despite its innovative design, it was bulky, expensive, and had poor battery life, making it impractical for most users.

5. The Power Mac G4 Cube:
Debuted in 2000, the G4 Cube was praised for its sleek design but ultimately flopped due to its high price and limited upgradeability. It was discontinued after just one year on the market.

While Apple has enjoyed tremendous success with many of its products, these examples serve as reminders that even industry giants can stumble. However, Apple’s willingness to take risks and innovate has ultimately led to its continued success in the tech world.

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