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Amazon India unveiled its first-ever floating store on Dal Lake in Srinagar, Kashmir


Amazon India has recently made a significant announcement by unveiling its first-ever floating store on Dal Lake in Srinagar, Kashmir, as part of its “I Have Space” last-mile delivery program.

Murtaza Khan Kashi, the owner of houseboat Selec Town, will be responsible for daily package deliveries to customers right at the doorstep of their houseboats as part of this new venture.

Karuna Shankar Pande, the Director of Amazon Logistics India, stated that this floating store will ensure quicker and more dependable deliveries to customers across Srinagar, presenting new opportunities for small businesses and further strengthening Amazon’s delivery network.

Launched in 2015, the “I Have Space” program has successfully partnered with 28,000 neighborhood and kirana stores in approximately 420 towns and cities all over India. Through these partnerships with local businesses, the program facilitates the delivery of products within a 2 to 4 kilometers radius.

As part of Amazon’s flagship “I Have Space” program, enrolled IHS partners receive packages at their store locations, which they then personally deliver to the customers. Amazon compensates these partners based on the number of packages successfully delivered.

Amazon proudly reports having more than 28,000 IHS partners in over 350 cities across India. What’s more, the program does not demand any financial investments from the local partners, making it an accessible opportunity for anyone interested in participating. The process is straightforward – partners only need to collect and deliver parcels to nearby locations. On average, an Amazon IHS store partner can deliver between 20 and 30 packages a day, earning a fixed amount per delivery.

This groundbreaking initiative by Amazon to launch a floating store on Dal Lake exemplifies the company’s commitment to providing efficient and reliable last-mile delivery solutions. Additionally, this move will empower local businesses and further strengthen Amazon’s delivery network in India.

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